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Thoughtfully designed collections made with quality materials, crafted with a soul, a story and a purpose, make creative gift ideas that never go out of style.

About the founders

Noël & Co. was founded by 16 year old twin sisters Janie and Lauren Noël

As young teens, they were captivated by the Percy Jackson series, which fuelled their desire to travel to Greece. They became genuine Greek Mythology enthusiasts, and eagerly anticipated a school trip to the Parthenon. However, the cost of the journey from rural Nova Scotia posed a challenge. Determined to support themselves on this adventure, they formed an entrepreneurial team and established their company in 2021.

This venture served as a creative outlet, combining their passion for home decor, design, and all things beautiful and cozy. It also turned their dream into a reality. During the summer of 2023, they took their mother and grandmother with them on what was a trip of a lifetime.

Today, Noël & Co. has grown to include 4 employees, and their candles can be found in nearly 70 stores across Canada. They have caught the attention of numerous media outlets, have won multiple awards, and have been featured in several million dollar dream lottery show homes. Despite their growth, they maintain their core values: small batch quality craftsmanship, high-end materials, eco-friendly practices, and giving back to their community.

Noël & Co. continues to give 2% to the Kidney Foundation of Canada.